“Over the course of the last 10 months, we are reminded each day that we made the right choice for our daughters care. Our daughter gets personal teacher attention all day long along with playful interaction from the other children.”
Courtney, mother of infant
Courtneymother of infant
“Every day my son comes home, singing songs he learned, telling me about what color is what, counting numbers, etc. The list can go on and on. The teachers are wonderful!”
Alexis, son age 2
Alexisson age 2
“They say the best thing a child can receive from another is LOVE. In the director and staff, our daughter has experienced that and so much more!”
Joe & Tiffany, daughter age 2
Joe & Tiffanydaughter age 2
“We then had our daughter in for a preview day and haven't looked back since. She is absolutely in love with her two teachers.”
Beth, daughter age 1
Bethdaughter age 1
At Victory Early Learning, we are beyond daycare. We provide a safe, nurturing and creative environment where fun leads to learning through play-based curriculum. Victory Early Learning prepares children by giving them the skills, character and vision for the future for which God created them.


“This fall we decided that we were not as happy with our current daycare as we would like to be so we began to look for a new one.  We were pregnant with our second child which made this decision an even bigger one for us as we would soon be leaving our infant as well as our toddler in other’s hands to care for every day while we have to work.

Needless to say, we came across Victory through the recommendation of a close friend. I went in to meet with Missy and immediately fell in love with not only the facility but also Missy’s genuine kindness and welcoming nature.  We then had our daughter in for a preview day and haven’t looked back since.  She is absolutely in love with her two teachers, Miss Jamie and Miss Sharalee, and comes home every day with a smile on her face. We feel so incredibly fortunate that not only is she so well taken care of each day but we are also thrilled with how much she is learning! My husband and I are constantly impressed as she comes home with new words and understanding concepts that we know she hasn’t only learned from us!  The staff are super helpful, responsive and willing to work with you to help foster your child’s positive development and growth. As a parent, you really cannot ask for more!

We honestly could not be happier with our decision to switch to VELA!”

Beth, daughter age 1

“They say the best thing a child can receive from another is LOVE. In the director and staff, our daughter has experienced that and so much more! The VELA staff has had such an amazing affect on her. We are truly grateful and feel blessed to have had the opportunity to have Eva attend VELA.

We feel it was a “God-incidence” when we found VELA last fall. We knew that this was the right place the moment we met the director and teachers. They were an answer to so many prayers! We are so thankful for their care, concern, support, advice, flexibility, patience, and the list could go on and on.

We have always felt welcomed and we could never imagine our daughter attending anywhere else. We give VELA five stars for providing a Christian environment to our little one while we are away at work. We would highly recommend VELA to any parent in search of daycare. Hands down, this place is awesome!“

Joe and Tiffany, daughter age 2

“I had my son with a private sitter from the time he was 6 months old until last August. I had noticed that he wasn’t gaining the educational skills there at all. (ABC’ s, 123’s, etc.) His father and I had agreed to start looking into daycare/preschool for him. We regularly attend Victory. We had fallen in love with everything about Victory Church, from the message every week to the pastors right on down to the people who attend. We were so happy and relieved to hear about VELA.

We enrolled in the fall of 2012. VELA has provided my son with a healthy, loving, and godly atmosphere. Every day my son comes home, singing songs he learned, telling me about what color is what, counting numbers, etc. The list can go on and on. The teachers are wonderful! Communication between Missy and my son’s teachers and us is outstanding. They let us know right away if there is an issue and to work together to create a solution.

Needless to say I am very happy with where my son is at in learning and play. I feel very safe leaving him there while I’m at work.”

Alexis, mother of 2 year old

“Our daughter started at VELA when she was only 8 weeks old. During the course of the pregnancy we took numerous tours of Child-Care Facilities in the area and none of them compared to VELA! They made us feel that she would be in a safe, loving, and very CLEAN environment each day. Everyone was overly welcoming and gave my wife and me such a sense of comfort. Over the course of the last 10 months, we are reminded each day that we made the right choice for our daughters care. Our daughter gets personal teacher attention all day long along with playful interaction from the other children. My wife and I love reviewing her day during dinner while reading her detailed daily report card that notes what she learned, activities she participated in, her naps, feedings, her moods, and also diaper changes. Although we are unable to be with her during the working hours of the week, we always know exactly what she is up to, and that she is in the best possible hands.”

Courtney, mother of infant

“Since April 2011, our family has been blessed and privileged to have our twin five year-olds attend Victory Early Learning Academy.  There are many things that we love about VELA.  It is a safe, nurturing, Christian environment that has a high quality program and certified teachers.

Our kids come home talking about/demonstrating new things they’ve learned.  They have formed close friendships between other children at VELA and we have formed valuable friendships with parents. VELA also offers reasonable/competitive pricing with flexible schedules. Our kids are excited to go and love their teacher!”

Linda, mother of twin five year-olds

“When we brought our daughter home for the first time after fighting hard for adoption rights, it was amazing. Then we realized we had to work the next day and had no daycare. As a regular attendee at Victory I knew they had a daycare/school. I went to see Missy right away and she did everything she could to place our daughter for me. They took her the next day and even stayed after their shift to care for her. It was then that I realized the love they have for God and their children. They have loved her and cared for her ever since. I don’t know what we would have done without VELA. No one would love and care for her like they do. Our daughter loves them so much, they are her second family. We tell everyone how amazing VELA is. Thank you for loving our family!”

Barbara, mother of three year old

“I have tried other daycare but VELA is the best! My child has been here for more than 2 years and she loves it. The staff and the director are always looking the best for the kids and it’s like a family here.”

Margie, mother of 5 year old

“VELA is amazing in every aspect. I am delighted that my son is part of such a wonderful daycare.

The core values VELA possesses compares to no other center. He is in loving, caring hands in a place where he is learning how to value and respect others but most importantly, he’s learning how to love our Lord and Savior and that is simply priceless.

I am so thankful for the teachers at VELA. They all hold a special place in my heart. I will be forever grateful for all that they do for my my baby boy.”

Idelisse, mother of 3 year old

“VELA is a fantastic place to send your child! The people here become your family, and always respect your wishes regarding your child. So much artwork, care and love are sent home every day. My favorite is the daily summaries, which detail activities and general information regarding your child. Thank you so much VELA team!”

Ming, father of 3 year old